Apple of My Eye

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Apple of My Eye

Native Title:금이야, 옥이야
Release Mar 27, 2023
Quality HD
Rating 53 Users
Genre: Romance, Family
Top Casts Seo Joon Young, Yoon Da Young, Song Chae Hwan

Kang San raises his daughter alone and works harder than everyone else. To make ends meet, he manages a side dish shop and works as a nursing aide. His daughter Jan Di, who is in middle school and approaching adolescence, wants to be a K-pop star. Even though Kang San gives his daughter his all, he will inevitably have disagreements with his adolescent daughter. Mi Rae, the adoptive daughter of the Hwang Dong Food Group, appears in front of him as if by accident. Mi Rae is an academy art instructor with a straightforward demeanor and perceptive talents, despite being adopted. What love tale will play out when Ju Hyuk, Mi Rae's first love, unexpectedly shows up in front of them? (Source: MyDramaList)

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