Bloody Game Season 2

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Bloody Game Season 2

Native Title:피의 게임 시즌2
Release Apr 28, 2023
Quality HD
Rating 17 Users
Genre: Mystery, Psychological
Other NameBloody Game 2 , Game of Blood 2 , Game of Blood Season 2 , Piui Gem 2 , Piui Gem Sijeun 2 , 피의 게임2

Bloody Game Season 1 demonstrated the terrifying gameplay in challenging circumstances, and it now introduces new opponents. People who are smart and have good physiques from various fields come together and compete for survival in this season, including various survival winners, the top 1% of Mensa members with an IQ of 156, a graduate from a prestigious university, a player who got a perfect score on the college entrance exam, and a legendary basketball player. The players become increasingly active as they strive to identify each other's weaknesses, heightening the suspense of survival. Who will triumph in this violent contest? (Source: MyDramaList)

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