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Native Title:司藤
Release Mar 8, 2021
Quality HD
Rating 2.6K Users
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Top CastsJing Tian, Vin Zhang, Zhang Yi Chi

A Xuanmen hunter long ago went after the plant-alien hybrid Si Teng. Si Teng was pursued across Shanghai as she ran for her life, but it was difficult to get away from the unrelenting hunter. The hunter killed Si Teng and buried her body at the bottom of a large cliff in an act of harsh piety. If destiny had not decided to step in, she would have stayed there for all of time. Si Teng is revived thanks to the careless deeds of a young architect named Qin Fang and finds herself in a strange new universe. Si Teng, who is perplexed by the jumbled memories in her head, demands that Qin Fang help her recover her memories while also assisting her in comprehending contemporary life. (Source: MyDramaList)

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