Use for My Talent

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Use for My Talent

Native Title:我亲爱的小洁癖
Release May 9, 2021
Quality HD
Rating 6.4K Users
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Top CastsJasper Liu, Shen Yue, Dai Yun Fan

Gu Ren Qi is mysophobic and has a closed-off attitude as a result of his dysfunctional home. Shi Shuang Jiao once had a contented family; but, after losing her mother in a vehicle accident, she turned into a slovenly individual. When Shi Shuang Jiao joined Gu Ren Qi's cleaning company as an employee, the two became acquainted. As they got to know one another, the two grew closer. They started to recover from their injuries thanks to the effect of one another. (Source: MyDramaList)

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