Love Endures


Love Endures

Native Title:要久久爱
Release Jan 20, 2024
Quality HD
Rating 144 Users
Genre: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Top CastsFan Cheng Cheng, Yang Zi, Zhu Yan Man Zi
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Huang Yuan Zi, Jiang Yi, Tooth Ming Yu, Zhuang Yuan, Lan Yi Fei, and Guan Chao, who were brought into the world in a state-possessed patio that housed laborers' families, became companions when they were 6 years of age because of a mishap in the processing plant region. Prior to heading off to college, they all experienced childhood in this yard, which was brimming with warmth and firecrackers, and they became known as the "Gathering of Six". The old buddies had vowed to be together until the end of their lives yet had to leave things in view of a mishap in the time of the Gaokao school placement test. Numerous years after the fact, at 30 years old, they each strolled alone on their particular ways of life. Abruptly, at some point, they got the news that their old buddy Guan Chao was going to get hitched. Their recollections were stirred, and the past was clearly recalled. This was a chance for Huang Yuanzi, who has consistently wanted to rejoin the gathering of six. This time, regardless of what challenges she was going to confront, she would make an honest effort to allow everybody to stroll on together till the end. Times change, however sentiments don't. With many inquiries left to be responded to, after this time, might these cherished companions at any point reunite once more? (Source: MyDramaList)

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