Wedding Impossible


Wedding Impossible

Native Title:웨딩 임파서블
Release Feb 26, 2024
Quality HD
Rating 197 Users
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Top CastsMoon Sang Min, Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Do Wan
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=12{cc}

Na Ah Jeong functions as an additional entertainer. She's gifted as an entertainer, however she has not been perceived for her work by any means. She has experience going about as a wedded lady, however, all things considered, her dating life is in a lower priority status because of her troublesome reality. She has a male companion named Lee Do Han, whom she has known for quite a long time. Do Han is the child of a chaebol family that runs the LJ Gathering. He is moved to get hitched by his family, yet he has a mysterious that he can't wed. Do Han goes to his companion Ah Jeong and inquires as to whether she would behave like his significant other and girl in-law of his loved ones. She acknowledges the proposition and plans to assume the principal carrying on with part in her existence as Do Han's significant other. Around then, she has a surprising disrupter. That individual is Lee Ji Han, who is Do Han's more youthful sibling. Ji Han has aspirations to make his more established sibling, Do Han, the replacement of the LJ Gathering. Ji Han strives to accomplish his objective, however his arrangement is upset by his sibling's abrupt wedding declaration. Ji Han currently attempts to forestall his sibling's wedding and he carries Yoon Chae Won into the image as his sibling's possible lady of the hour. (Source: MyDramaList)

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