Beauty and Mr. Romantic


Beauty and Mr. Romantic

Native Title:미녀와 순정남
Release Mar 23, 2024
Quality HD
Rating 0 Users
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family, Melodrama
Top CastsJi Hyun Woo, Im Soo Hyang, Go Yoon
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Park Do Ra, a spirited and courageous woman with a fiery disposition, ascended to the heights of stardom at the insistence of her mother, Baek Mi Ja, who saw acting as their ticket out of poverty. Despite achieving fame and fortune as a leading actress, Do Ra yearns for nothing more than peace and the enjoyment of her wealth. However, her mother's incessant meddling continually disrupts her tranquility. Mi Ja, reveling in the luxuries afforded by her daughter's success, constantly craves more, pushing Do Ra beyond her limits with demanding schedules and extravagant desires. Despite her reluctance, Do Ra finds herself entangled in the drama "Straightforward Romance" due to the unexpected rekindling of her romance with Go Pil Sung, the assistant director, whom she held dear in her youth. Pil Sung, dedicated to his craft, contemplates leaving the production to spare Do Ra further distress. Yet, fate intervenes, thrusting him into a pivotal role overseeing her every move. Will Do Ra ultimately break free from her mother's relentless ambitions and find solace in her newfound love?

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