Jazz for Two


Jazz for Two

Native Title:재즈처럼
Release Mar 27, 2024
Quality HD
Rating 379 Users
Genre: Music, Romance, Youth
Top CastsKim Jin Kwon, Ji Ho Geun, Song Han Gyeom
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=08{cc}

Han Tae Yi's zest for life ebbed away following the tragic demise of his elder brother, a virtuoso jazz pianist. The arrival of transfer student Yoon Se Heon only compounds his distress. Se Heon's jazz performances evoke painful memories of Tae Yi's sibling, exacerbating his unease. Adding to the tension, Se Heon harbors suspicions about Tae Yi's connection with his friend, Seo Do Yoon. Despite their differing aspirations - Se Heon yearning for musical liberation from his classical maestro father's watchful gaze, and Tae Yi contemplating relinquishing everything - fate binds them together for a collaborative performance assessment. Through shared rehearsals, their emotions become intricately entwined, yet just as their bond deepens, the reemergence of Song Joo Ha, a senior student with a troubled past, disrupts the delicate equilibrium between Tae Yi and Se Heon.

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