The Legend of Shen Li


The Legend of Shen Li

Native Title:与凤行
Release Mar 18, 2024
Quality HD
Rating 149 Users
Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Top CastsLin Geng Xin, Zhao Li Ying, Xin Yun Lai
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In old-fashioned times, various heavenly creatures passed on anyway a solitary last god Xing Zhi made due. Without feeling or need, Head Xing Zhi had been living past the sky for an immense number of years. In a contention between the heavenly creatures and the shrewd spirits, he saved the situation without assistance from any other person alone. However, starting there ahead, he wouldn't see anyone and was bafflingly missing. A couple hundred years sometime later, a female demon ace Shen Li was carried into the world with a pearl in her mouth. On her thousandth birthday festivity, she has coordinated a marriage for political plot. Yet again while making a beeline for move away from this marriage, Shen Li got pursued and changed into her phoenix shape. She fell into the human world in a condition of outrageous torpidity with serious wounds. A dealer acknowledged her as a fat chicken, separated all of her crest and put her at a deal in a nook. Shen Li stirred to end up in this current situation and got so pissed that she collapsed on her back. As she felt deterred and rushed, a delicate man wearing high differentiation stopped and looked at her in significant thought, "I really want this chicken." That's what particularly like, the fates of the two people got weaved eagerly because of this obviously unexpected trade. (Source: MyDramaList)

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